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Hammer Trading [USA]
We supply new, used and refurbished parts for Digital (DEC), Alpha, Compaq and Cisco computers, including memory upgrades, hard drives and processors.

Hardsoft [UK]
Computer Leasing UK - Leasing of pc's and notebooks for business and education in the UK

Heaps of PCs [USA]
PC servicing and sales - computer systems and upgrades to suit your needs, personal, friendly support and now broadband internet access!

Howard Computers [USA]
Howard Computers - Desktops, Notebooks, Servers, Thin Clients and Cart Solutions

HR Computing [USA]
Network, web design, software, database development, training.

Hutchinson Computer and Electronics Repair, Inc. [USA]
Hutchinson Computers

HyperSonic PC Systems [USA]
High performance custom gaming computers.

Hypertech Computers, Inc. [USA]
Hypertech Computers, Inc.

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